I looked, I listened

Here’s a video clip from today. When I search back through photos my kids love the video clips best of all, so while those do take up more space to save I will capture some here and there. Here is Abegayle and Koen.

Today was a quiet day full of everything average that makes up motherhood for me. Coffee in the morning, a scan of what I need to do today by way of a glance through the house. Waking the kids up, dressing them and getting them outside. Then I remembered to give them pink slips so that they could be picked up after school by Darren rather than riding the bus home.

12:30 I took Koen to preschool and filled my afternoon with housework, mainly laundry. Yesterday I ran a piece of paper through the dark load and got lovely little flecks over everything. Yes. So got to pick all that off and run the load through on cold. These are the things that I conjest my day with, or at the end find that I missed at the end and feel like a failure for having skipped. Abegayle slept quite a bit today and when she was awake wanted to watch Peep and the Big Wide Word. Fabulous show, probably my favorite that the kids have loved over the years.

Here are my photos and videos for Thursday, January 16th. It’s 6:34 and I am yet looking forward to hearing how Diederick’s neurologist appointment went. I wanted to video blog about Carly school progress, but I lost the light and just didn’t like how the video turned out. It’s tough to be my own camera man.

(huge photo…sorry about that.)

Here’s a good blog post about why living a day that is completely average is OK. Click here and feel fine about yourself if the biggest thing that you did is pull lint off a load of darks: Why Being A Mom is Enough

Today my verse is 1 Corinthians 7:23″…And the unmarried woman or girl is anxious about the affairs of the Lord, how to be holy in body and spirit; but the married woman is anxious about worldly affairs, how to please her husband.” Does that mean I get to cut back on the time I spend with the Lord? A Mary rather than a Martha as in the story of Luke 10. Every minute of every day is a gift, an opportunity to serve Jesus whatever the current calling. Maybe this means that living the calling is what is pleasing in the sight of the one true Judge.

At any rate. I have tomorrow.

Seeking opinions: As I write, how do I respect my child as an adult? I mean, yesterday’s post might be pretty darn embarrassing when my oldest is 16 or what not. How do I go back and change my eight years of writing to respect him as a 28 year old? This is his living baby book!

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  1. Jen says:


    First, I realize that the internet is open to the whole wide world, but I don’t think you said anything inappropriate. Any loving mother would have shared the same thoughts. I’ve read many a post where moms who have children with special needs say more. I’ve seen movies (talk about sharing your thoughts with the world) on the subject. One of my fav. films is A Full House of Blessing by Franklin Springs. ( http://franklinsprings.com/film/a-full-house ) Two of their six children were born with disabilities and it is their story on how they deal with it and accept who their beautiful children are. It is open and honest and beautiful and something their children will see one day. Not talking about these things would almost seem like one is ashamed of what their child struggles with which, obviously, no parent should. Our children also need to be able to accept who they are and not be ashamed. It is who God has made them. I think asking the questions you have is good. We do want to be wise with the information we share, but that doesn’t mean that sharing it is inherently unwise.

    Also, I love your haircut. I have something like that pinned as an option. Same vibe going around. It’s fun to hear your thoughts as a mom in action. I remember the days of little ones and loved them more than I can say. It is strange now that they are older. I keep feeling the yearning to ‘wear a baby’. I wonder when that ache leaves? I’m definitely needing to find something to keep me busy as it is clear, in God’s providence, that there aren’t any more littles on the way. ;)

    Lord bless you and thank you for sharing your thoughts. I wouldn’t have known about D. otherwise.

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