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There are millions of orphans, GOD sees and knows them all by name. Awesomely, we know a few too, through networking between parents who have traveled to adopt children abroad and met kids out there who are available for international adoption. I want to note also that when I talk about orphans I am also thinking of children in the USA who have had parental rights revoked and are wards of the state. Those children are legally orphans and desperately need families who are willing and able to take them in.

Because I could never remember on my own the thread of names between people who have met orphans connected with the children’s faces I want to post that here for myself.

Yelena, a girl born in 2004 who is HIV+ has been met by Crystal Williams. Notes on kids profiles are usually written by families who have met them, so those people are the best connections for learning about the children when considering adoption.

Caroline Ruhl has met Lenny whose is blind. She’s also met Gaspar and Sulley.

Irene Victoria goes on regular mission trips to orphanages in Eastern Europe these are some of the children listed for international adoption that she has met. They have a different needs, but it all comes down to one: the need for a home and family to love them. These are older children who have less likelihood of being adopted and face a grim future if not redeemed. Those listed on Reece’s Rainbow include Aubree, Kristopher, Collier, Brayden, Dylan, Cambria, and Harley.

Misty Maillie Anderson has met little Jais who will be four this year and has Down Syndrome.

Jamie Lentz has met little Lanie who is one month older than my son, Diederick with quite a list of special needs, but quite a promising future in a nurturing home.
Molly Butler Stephen has met three kids: Stephen, Kree and Bryson.

Joanna Rist I met Kanani and has a Facebook page with additional pictures of this young lady along with information about the institution where Kanani lives.

Stephanie Gilbert I have met Elizabeth who she advocates for regularly and prays that a family will come forward for her soon.

Stefanie Versteegen has met quite a few children and is trying to get more listed:
Isolde, Sullivan, Amos
Julia, Kathleen, Jefferson, Duane
Gene, Nash, Brody, (also Auggie), Barton, Ezra
Artemur, Dell, Maria.

She adds, “So, if you are considering one of these 15 children, please, please, please contact me and I’ll talk to you about everything I know about them, and I have pictures!”

Jenny Allerton replied to the question on who has met which orphans saying: “Monier Dima was good friends with Yasmine but I never met her. There is someone who has met her recently and has some amazing pictures and videos of her. Yasmine is just breathtakingly beautiful and happy.” Networking!

Sara Beamish has met Hannah who I blogged about this past summer, she wrote a nice long update in Hannah’s profile. Sara writes, “She WILL be transferred to an MI sitting room in the next 18 months. I REALLY hope that doesn’t happen to her. She is loved at the baby house where she is. I’d be happy to talk to anyone interested about her, where she is, her region. And I know 2 families who have adopted from the MI that will hopefully NOT be her next home, who would be happy to talk to anyone about their experiences.”

Jaime Vanchura knows Gina, Tessa, and sweet siblings (Yes, they’re twins!!) Clayton and Caleb.

Rachael Boling Swolgaard met Chantelle also twins Nadia and Nancy who I wrote a blog post about a couple months ago. The girls have an updated photo. They are seven years old and live in an adult mental institution where they will reside until they die, or are adopted.

Molly Michael I’ve met all the kids listed in Latin America with the code H-NM

Melissa Steinke Durbin met Tatiana

Louisa LeGwin Ramirez has met Thatcher

That’s quite a list!

A couple kids have the same name as my children. A three year old in Africa is name Diederick. He needs a family as his abandoned him at birth nearby a busy freeway, authorities searched but found no one to claim him. Since that time he has been cared for in a missionary run orphanage.

The other guy who has the same name as my child was born in 2009 with HIV. His name is Koen William. He has dark hair and a shy little smile. All that is known about him is right there. You have travel to country and meet him to get the full medical report. His country is a fast paced adoption. Every country is different, the need is the same: a loving family who can support what the child brings by way of challenges health and otherwise.
Unfortunately there are the cases where families cannot bring their children home, even friends on my blog roll who have this experience. It’s hard, but with GOD guiding the way all they are guided in the right direction whatever that may be for their family.

This list actually took me a little while to put together, but it’s worthwhile for keeping. Maybe I’ll help families connect with their kids by hanging on to this thread. PLEASE contact these moms if you’d like to learn more about the children they have met. THANK YOU! for reading, and of course for praying. Praying causes miracles.

Over Angel Tree season which I have an earlier post about, we bought 17 ornaments with children’s faces and the names of the countries they are from on them, it’s been wonderful for the kids to look at those as a way to see that these are people who are far away living without parents.
Of course just seeing the faces doesn’t do all of that, it’s more of a place to begin conversation and they do. It is easy to get lost in the names and faces of these kids, absolutely.

I wish I had time to write next to all their names a little something about them, God knows their need tonight and at this very moment. What more comfort is there than that? The stories of kids brought home, even those in hospital beds surrounded by adoptive families who would never say that going for that child was a mistake.


UPDATE: The list builds. I’m going to add what I have from yesterday Amanda Walsh Sutton I’ve met Mona in Bulgaria. Who is eight years old, she’s physically healthy but has developmental delays according to her health report which is available in full to serious adoptive inquires. Traci Adamson met 8 year old Brandon from Eastern Europe and is happy to share her experience of time spent with him. While Brandon’s list of needs is simple compared to so many of the other kids, he is not your average 8 year old while lucky to live in a nurturing environment as far as that is possible there are behaviors that your run of the mill 2nd grader would not have, be prepared for a unique although no doubt highly rewarding experience parenting a son such as Brandon.


Victoria Tucker who has not yet adopted a child herself internationally chimes in to this discussion thread with rich experience as she is a social worker who met kids in Ukraine a couple of years back. She has been to Orphanage 68, where she got to see Igor, Isreal, Braden, and saw Glenn. She also has videos and pictures of children at orphanage 46, but didn’t see Kirill, Kiersten, Venetia and Justine who are kids known to live there. Victoria also has information about 20 other children in orphanage 46 who are not listed on Reece’s Rainbow.

These children are so much smaller than American kids due to the lack of food that they have. Poor nutrician and lack of other basics in their world cause them to be smaller and look younger. I’m posting here picture of a 12 year old that you would guess to be 5 maybe. These children has many unknowns in their pasts, this girl is not an exception…

She is not able to walk on her own. There is nothing in her medical records to indicate why she is so delayed, and she does not show obvious facial features of FAS…her needs are quite unknown.

Unknowns do not mean that the child does not matter. Have you met me?

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