What Makes You Special


As a Christian, I want my child’s life motivation in life to be to honor and glorify Jesus in their daily walk. We want them to be a good friend to age mates and siblings, respectful of adults and authority in their worlds, be neat and kind, helpful and gentle.

What is appropriate in guiding our children’s interests.
Do you just decide one day that your daughter is going to embrace music and set her up with piano lessons, assume her younger sister will do that also and slip her in as soon as possible also while getting Koen off for drumming lessons and Diederick to the Tae Kwon Do studio. Sign them all up for swimming and look into 4H.

Is being good at something a good idea, or am I setting my child up for disappointment? It’s good for them to have an achievement to look forward to reaching and have that need to practice in order to make their way to that place. I have failed at every big idea that I’ve gone for, but I suppose in the very very long run that does not mean I regret trying it. This is certainly a subject that I want to hear from any readers about.

All kids should do swim lessons, just to know how if they should ever be in an emergency water situation. Lessons in that doesn’t mean that I am pushing them to be on their high school swim team or whatnot eventually although they could quite possibly if that took off as an interest.
Tae Kwon Do would be terrific for our oldest, martial arts are perfect for his spatial awareness, balance, coordination. He’d love it.

Koen and Carly’s interests I just sort of made up. They’re both musical, it’d be awesome to bring that out.

Isn’t “the sooner, the better” the reality when it comes to excellence with music or any of these other things? Or is early exposure just opportunity for extra frustration.

What makes you special? It’s not what you do, it’s who you are.

This post feels to fall short, but I do need additional information. Maybe I can link this onto Facebook and tag some people! On the changing times of social networking. Not always a bad thing.

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  1. Richad p. Gavoni SR. says:

    Laura, You are heading in the right direction in thought and understanding. My experience was first we loved and nurtured our three children from birth. we taught them how to love and share, we brought them to Church and Sunday school A.S.A.P. and went to Church with them always and encouraged friend ships,We had them join the boy and girl scouts, again for all the right reasons.We always encouraged all of their efforts, gave them direction, answers and an abundance of love. our three tun
    red out to be good God fearing wonderful citizens with beautiful familys of their own.And so it goes.

  2. Laura says:

    Thanks, Richard!

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