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Abegayle and Carly!!! You have my permission to be the next Katie Davis. This Tennessee prom queen is 22 and changing the world with an organization that she has founded in Uganda called Amazima which spreads the Gospel of salvation, and provides food and education to local children and families through employing people from the communities to join together to bettering the community. I only just found out about this and am eager to learn more. Adoptive mom of 14 kids at the age of 22? Yowzer!

What started out as a ten month mission trip to Uganda teaching Kindergarten after high school continued into a lifetime commitment. We’ll be reading “Kisses From Katie” soon! There so many images and incredible stories and news video clips about Katie Davis spread all over the Internet. This is without a doubt the hand of GOD working through this young woman as she really is living her dream to be the next Mother Theresa.

Here’s another news clip: In Uganda, American Becomes Foster Mom To 13 Girls, it’s 3 years old. I’ll let you learn more about her on your own, all I have to say is that this is an incredible young woman and I’m looking forward to watching to see her organization grown. What amazing work! Thank you, GOD, for people like Katie Davis and those who come along side her to coordinate such an incredible work in Your name. Amen.

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