I Wouldn’t Want To Be Homeless Tonight

Today’s Wednesday and I’ve gone all day with only lose threads of what I should write about. I wanted to write about cut off pajama feet and will probably churn through that idea as it seemed brilliant half an hour before I sat down to write.

What I’ve settled on is a story about a homeless woman who was once someone else. Her missing person’s search ended 22 years after she drifted out of touch with her family members. They found her because her description was listed in a circulated news run called the Daily World. The response from the deceased woman’s sister should fill your soul with empathy. Here’s what the sister wrote about her sister:

“She was not always the person you described in your article as a homeless alcoholic. Fanchon was the fourth of five children. She was the most adorable little girl imaginable with dark curly hair and a beautiful smile.

“The teen years were not kind to her, bringing much emotional stress, more than any young girl should have to endure.

“She married Joseph Cunha and soon became pregnant with her son, Joey. Soon the joy that had returned to her life turned tragic as doctors told her the baby she had just given birth to was not expected to live through the week.

“With her loving care, he lived 18 months, only to die in her arms. He would be her only child. It wasn’t too long after that she and her husband moved to Washington, which is also where the marriage ended, resulting in her move to the Seattle area.

“That would be the last known location before all contact was lost, leaving no trace as to her whereabouts.

That could be just anyone you know. Homelessness is a very real thing, and with particular life turns it could be anyone’s turn.

What I admire here is that Dorine never discredits her sister, she honors who this woman was by simply telling the story.

Frozen behind a fire station when the temperature dropped to negative seventeen Fahrenheit? When the wind blows strong, or we have a heavy rain at night I tell the kids that some people have little shelter and no home to close themselves into when there is lightning and cold. They really don’t quite get that.

How could people have less shelter than our rabbits in the back yard? Frances Cunha knew that life for all too long. May she rest in peace, where there is no more cold or lack of comfort. I’m sorry that she was never able to reunite with her obviously loving family.

Please never lose touch with those you love, no matter what tragedy comes into your life journey. That’s the best lesson that can be learned from this woman’s story. Well, a mile of Bible verses attached on also I’m sure as I’ve been making a little bit of a tradition of doing.

What I want to encourage you to do. My admonishment for the night, if I may, is to give your time to a soup kitchen or woman’s rescue center. If you’re sitting at home, with poor self-esteem about something in your life, go out and take that time constructively to help others who need you the most. Connect locally and make the difference for those who have made choice that distance themselves from people who know them as who ever they used to be.

As for me, yes, at this point in my life, I am home with four kids, and not out volunteering beyond helping at my children’s school. In years to come though, I plan to grow up and help out as the opportunity is more than there. All you have to do is connect. Open the phone book, go to the opportunity council downtown there are so many ways to lend help.

There’s my message. The news article is HERE.
I’ve been told that my writing can be to grim, that I’m trying to guilt out my reader. That’s only part of it! I love stories of families becoming involved with their communities and helping aboard (which can be done without even stepping off USA soil), and having a heck of a good time doing it. Get involved, get dirty…what is it that Ms Frizzle says in Magic School Bus. ANYWAY. Live proactively. Helping others, makes you a richer person in so many ways.

You’ll see it, if you click on the actual news article link. But here is the photograph of the 51 year old woman who froze to death behind a fire station, she was a dwarf, standing about four feet tall. She probably never expected the night to be so cold. We never get to negative 17.

She died on Monday. I hope I die on a Monday, that seems like a good day. I don’t think I’d like to freeze to death though

Rest in peace, Fanchon Chamberlain.

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