March for Life 2014

1523474_727277643957416_329632396_oI don’t like you. Mommies who are obsessed with the fight against abortion, driving your fight with the spread of horrific pictures … why must this be done to tell the truth that killing innocent babies is wrong. You’re cruel. But see, I don’t know if you know that, and perhaps you hate me for my continual droning on and on about the orphans overseas, showing pictures of them neglected and cast aside. Today marks the day that abortion has been LEGAL in the United States for FOURTY-ONE years. If you’re blogging this day to stand up against anyone who says that it’s OK to do this, Thank you. But do it with sensitivity for those who have had their own body voluntarily abort. Think of the woman who has gone into the clinic and signed her baby’s death sentence, the woman who wishes that she could take that all back and dies a little each day waking knowing that she cannot.

Leila Miller of Little Catholic Bubble wrote a good post yesterday with some links I wont click on. This is a sensitive issue, that I steer clear of.

The abortion crisis is America is the 2Kings 17 of the modern day.

Then they made their sons and their daughters pass through the fire, and practiced divination and enchantments, and sold themselves to do evil in the sight of the LORD, provoking Him.

Thousands turned out in the bitter cold this year to honor and stand up for those who cannot do so themselves. Click here for one news report. I’m thankful for women who come back after an abortion to stand and say that this is wrong. May GOD grant them healing in their souls and forgiveness for taking what was not theirs to take.

My miscarriage was after my fist son, he was around a year old. The miscarriage was a seven to nine gestation. I just started bleeding, got dizzy and could do nothing but cry knowing nothing but helplessness. One in four pregnancies end this way. You could say, “Well, you weren’t very far along, it’s nice that you got other kids.” YES. But this was my child too. A friend online wrote it quite well, she experienced a miscarriage quite far along. Read Jamie’s story HERE. She has another baby on the way and was recently blessed to bring a beautiful baby girl home from Eastern Europe. Thank you, GOD for caring mothers and fathers who would die for their kids and treasure children everywhere.

If you love children, thank you for standing for their rights.

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