Hero’s Home

…in Heaven that is.


She’s an 8 month old sweet baby girl with Down Syndrome born in Eastern Europe, to be adopted by an American family. News came just yesterday that Hero died due to a complication during heart surgery. Her time on Earth was done, and she’s in the arms of Jesus now.

Hero’s adoptive momma and daddy will never get to stroke her soft skin or look in to those beautiful blue eyes this side of eternity. But they love her so, and will miss that they never got to hold, dress, snuggle and nurture this daughter as they imagined that they would.

Every life is precious, and needs to be recognized where it can be.

Rest in peace, Hero, now that you are home.

Give your Reece’s Rainbow cousins who have gone before you a kiss!

You are held In Loving Memory, sweetie-pie.

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