Oraeley’s Adjustment

My online effort today was adjusting my sidebar on the blog. If you visit my site you’ll notice the changes when scrolling past the tracker that shows the location of people who are visiting oraeley.com Hopefully what is there makes sense.

The design alterations here are pretty comfortable and easy to look at for me, I love to know your thoughts also. The back drop is Psalm 91:2. It’s a wonderful spiritual message (not that you can see anything beyond half of the Celtic style cross) I love the parchment texture impression.

My next post is about the Claus family. I’ve put a widget in my sidebar for their adoption journey. Visit their family blog In Search of Pearls if you are interested in getting to know them a little and reading about current fundraising events. Thanks!

I have also modified my name a little. I am now “Oraeley: Mama and Orphan Advocate” The tag line is still “Life According to Laura” as it has been for many years.

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