Fitness Fix!


Back in the day, when I actually used to faithfully exercise, when we wanted a new workout we’d order a new VHS from a catalog and get it in the mail. Today there are all kinds of target fitness clips on youtube. Above is one that I did tonight.

I’m also throwing in a little humor here, because that’s what it takes to boost into exercise.

“What’s your favorite exercise?” “Chewing” If it weren’t for tasty food I wouldn’t put on pounds, or so I like to say. I’m used to being either pregnant or breastfeeding, thus have the luxury of taking in extra carbs/calories, what have you. We were always taught that portion control and an active lifestyle are the way to go, so I going to make a conscious effort to be more careful of what I put in my body and to move around more during my day.

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Here’s the video that I followed tonight. The main reason that I do not get out the yoga mat and tennies
regularly is the extreme difficulty of getting through a routine without the interruption of kids. Two days a week I only have 1 child home, that’s certainly a No Reason Not To.

Here I come, goal weight.

Also, I must mention I face a temptation that I did not prior to having kids. I now eat the food that my children do not finish, this is a problem. Throw away, “perfectly good.” food? I know some people store individual food remnants in itty containers and force it back on their children when they are hungry again. Anyway, this is a situation that I keep bumping into. Not every day, but certainly a thing.

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