Child of The Month: Izahic

cotm4This child is one of my favorites. When I asked about him in October 2013 I was told that a family was considering adopting him and was asked if I would like to receive his file should they decide against accepting a referral for this young boy. The agency that is working Izahic’s file has him listed as Teddy, which I am allowed to note since this is not his full name. I learned by error about confidentiality issues. For example, I do know what country Izahic/Teddy is in, but cannot say what country in Africa he is. What I can tell you is that his case is with a very reputable agency that will facilitate well in country and through the adoption process of this child. The connection for his country and with his case is Jessica Shriner who can be contacted at

Here’s a little description of what you are against with his country by way of standards:

•Married couples must be married at least 2 years
•Single women permitted to adopt children with special needs
•Travel required – two trips, or one trip and an escort home
•The agency conducts rigorous background checks to confirm orphan status of the children
•Costs approximately $15,000 – $20,000, not including travel

I have 5 pictures and two videos of this little boy who is blind-deaf and let me tell you this is not what defines him. He is a vibrant, affectionate, cheerful and lively 2 year old (1 year old in the video). He has chubby little arms and thighs, a beautiful big smile and the cutest rosy cheeks.

It was my request to have Izahic as the Child of the Month for February as Feb is my birthday. There’s little that I would like more than donations and prayers for Izahic. He’s loved by his caregivers, obvious in the videos, but being a cherished baby can only last for so long. He needs home, and the sooner the better. This orphan I mention by the names that I can, and just want you to lift him up in your thoughts and in any other way that you can.

He was abandoned as a baby for what he does not have. Lets have someone redeem him for what he does have: the potential to be the best son in the world for someone. There are schools for the deaf, schools for the blind and programs all over than minister to the needs of people who have both so that they can lead active and fulfilling lives. Make Izahic’s time as Child of the Month worthwhile! He’s young and such a treasure.

Boy, born around May 31, 2012
Microcephaly, craniosynostosis, blind, and deaf, as well as undescended testes, and possible developmental delays.

He is developmentally delayed. He cannot support his head. He can hold an object in each hand and he feeds and sleeps well. He is a very cute baby boy! He needs a family to provide him with the love and care he lacked early in life so that he can flourish and reach his full potential.

Update 2013:
He cannot sit without support, but smiles when you play with him. He does not respond to light or moving objects, He kicks his legs and waves his arms. He does not have any history of seizures.

Video and additional photos available from the agency.

As I said, I have his photos and the two videos from when he is a year old. An updated video is in process and soon to be in transit with a travelling now family according to Jessica, as of two weeks ago. She is out of her office currently, but when in she is very prompt with emails and has extensive information on the cases that she manages. This agency is based out of Seattle but works throughout the US, coordinating with local social worker wherever you may be.

Click HERE to view the official Child of the Month page, it is seen directly on the Reece’s Rainbow homepage. Hoping with all my heart for attention for this precious child.

If you are interested in learning about with kids who are living with deaf blindness here’s a blog to check out: A Mom’s Musings. I confess that I have not explored the blog, but I will link it here as it of course is incredibly appropriate. With kids like Izahic who can not say he is cute, there is that fear of what if he doesn’t love me back, “What if we can’t connect?” that are scary. There are support groups online and in your local community for learning about needs like Izahics, all you have to do is research and you’ll be surprised to see what you find.

Just go a day without relying on your kids responding to your voice and seeing you beckon them to come to you; communicate effectively without those two things, it’s not possible because your relationship has never been without. You have never parented Izahic, but that does not mean that you could not.


This month is also Valentines day! I wanted to add this little widget, even without reading what it was about! It’s just another way to get people to look at the Reece’s Rainbow kids. With 1000 children listed, the more neat ways to look around and learn about them the better.

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