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My journey is reconciling myself to You Don’t Have to Adopt to Make a Difference category of people who love children overseas. I jump for joy and get goose bumps hearing the stories of families who get to adopt but know that I am not one of them. I am fascinated by families meeting the ransom of international adoption and welcoming home a precious little one, or more.

Through the day I will be compiling a group of responses to my question:

Lets revisit How You Knew You Were Ready.
I love bringing this thread up new here and there. Windy day, thinking of orphans abroad.

Post your blog links about the child you knew you were to adopt if you have those written. If not, please just briefly tell your story.

Story time!

You’re all awesome, thanks for going for your kids…whatever point of the process you are.

IMG_2916-1800My first response come two minutes after I posted, from Randi Lanz saying that this is one of her stories. A number of our families in the Reece’s Rainbow community go back for more than one child, praise the LORD! What’s in a Name? from her blog entitled Adoption Adventure with Two Little Princesses … AND a Prince!
I look forward to exploring their story and adding them to the list of families that we pray for. Thanks, Randi. The China New year celebration photos are so much fun, I hope you don’t mind that I grabbed one to share.

Today I also want to highlight twins Nadia and Nancy who I blogged about on October 26th, 2013 who now have an updated picture online. They do live in an institution as is common for children their age who are legally orphans. There are so many families who pray for these girls and wish that a couple would come forward to adopt them but that has not yet happened. NN2-248x300
NN-239x300Their coloring is so much like my kids and being near in age to my dear son Diederick it is easy to remember this set in regular prayer.

The second I Knew I Loved You story is the favorite that I have amongst the many that I know. Each though is a gift from God, each is so special. Bianca’s An Introduction blog post on her site, “We Believe You Belong” where she catalogs their journey to bringing home their son, Jackson who is a pure joy to his family and everyone who gets to enjoy pictures of him on a regular basis. Thanks, Oliver family for being one to stand up and follow the call to bring this sweet heart home.


A new addition to the family of adopting parents is Stephani Obenauf who is bringing home a little girl named Zola who lives in a country that Reece’s Rainbow is just beginning to work with. Their mother-daughter love at first sight story is what adoption magic is made of, and I so encourage you to root for this pair. Not only did Stephani see Zola‘s picture and say, “That’s my daughter!” she’s trusting God so much that she is even doing it as a single person. She has an incredible, supportive mom and these three will do wonderfully together. Snow and Hot Cocoa.blogspot.com: Faith, Hope, Love is where you can learn more about what they are doing to raise money for this adoption.

Walking the Narrow Path Now is an incredible story in the works of an older boy and a family who didn’t expect to say, “Yes!” Appropriately, the story title is Our God Story where mom Brooke Kirk explains how Jesus told them that Ian was their son. This family has quite the fun events that go on. Check out their latest which needs more participants.

As the responses continue to roll in I fully recognize that each of these families deserve a full post acnologing their awesome testimony and wonderful trek to filling that spot at the dinner table that belongs to a child who is either overseas now or has come from afar and is now home where God has planned from all of eternity for that individual to be from that point until whenever only He knows that they should leave. Those moments are precious, and even when the child is taken in what feels like such an untimely occurrence families still stand and say that God’s love prevails and believe that they will yet be together in eternity such as the Winslow Family who lost their daughter Zoey before they had her home and were able to add a second daughter to their Eastern Europe adoption. Visit them here.

The next family that I have to share writes their story at Me Ke Aloha. Lisa Lim, mom to three biological children and a gorgeous 9 year old daughter who was born in Eastern Europe only to journey home to be a part of this special family who cherish her with their whole hearts. She has her medical needs tended to and the love and nurturing that she needs to become physically and emotionally strong. Watching this young lady blossom is a joy.

Amber Anderson is a friend who I feel a personal connection with despite not knowing her in real life as is often the way people are described who have not met in physical life. Amber and her husband along with their children are going double speed to rescue children who are living on borrowed time with their health. Asking for a link to her adoption testimony, this is what Amber gave me: A Long Overdue Update on her blog which is called I’ll Go Where You Want Me To Go.
The Andersons are looking for someone to become involved in the Family Warrior Program saying that she’d love someone with experience working with the China adoption system, but primarily craves someone who has a passion for prayer and a love for the Lord Jesus. They haven’t written a post about how God led them to adding a second aging out child, but I promise, it’s mind blowing. Go, God!

Also responding to my post is a young lady like me who feels that tug to join the world of redeeming a child from bondage. The big deal for her and I is not just that we would like to bring a child that was not born to us home, it is that the child would be one who has a life situation that would most likely make them dependent for life.

These are the people of Exodus 4:11

And the LORD said unto him, Who hath made man’s mouth? or who maketh the dumb, or deaf, or the seeing, or the blind? have not I the LORD?

Jesus didn’t look the other way, and neither should we.

This blog post has a part 2. Please stay tuned for that, it’ll include at least two more families who are changing lives as they do their portion to make the world a better place.

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