The Cup Runneth Over


Despite having spent a good amount of my time on and off yesterday writing a blog post about families who have gone for kids I don’t have that swelling feeling of delight and blessedness that I expected.

It’s my secret aching emptiness that reins at the moment. There are entries that I should have written but haven’t touched yet that deal with this emotion that only someone like me can understand, someone who has watched others go and get kids overseas and not gone themselves. I am thankful, I am.

Thankful for the fantastic people who are changing the world that have never brought home a child, those exist too as everyone has a place in the work of caring for children. Consider Maria Montessori who educated children in the slums of Rome that everyone believed were without hope since they lived in such horrid filthy poverty.
She rose above social stigma of the woman standing second to the man and became the first female physician in Italy. There was one son in her life, his father was a college but never a husband as, according to some reports on her life, Montessori didn’t believe in holding to social stigma and that carried into marriage being mandatory for having children.
Mario, her son, was sent off to a wet nurse to be brought up until he was old enough to join the children that his mother taught. Certainly not a Mother Theresa! I do regularly wrestle with where my place is in the orphan crisis.

A very dear person in my life has a statement to me that resounds true as I limit my time looking at the needy faces on Reece’s Rainbow; “Don’t orphan your own children while you care for the orphans.” Is that what Montessori did? She changed the world, and her son went on to be her protégé. When you go into a classroom and see children sorting objects then recording their finding or using any sort of like manipulative, that is the influence of Maria Montessori at work. Extraordinary work, helping the helpless, giving hope to the hopeless.

What drove her was the hard fact that these children are our soldiers into the future. The trouble though for my belief system is that she took that to a humanist perspective where I must bring it to
Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

Montessori drove that hard and heavy! Unfortunately this image does not enlarge, I hope that you can make the words out. Just search “Montessori quotes” on any search engine and you’ll get reams of good stuff.


Montessori’s 3rd world school was second to none and not to be rescued from.

I battle for perspective and know that this blog entry belongs in a dusty journal or a classified segment somewhere for people who doubt their lot.

The same person who has reminded me to pay due attention to my responsibilities has talked to me about taking a break from these faces, and I know it might help me. But praying for them and rejoicing in their stories is so intertwined with seeing them that I have yet to leave. I realized just yesterday afternoon that I am not alone in this in a lovely happen chance moment. I was scrolling through entries here and flashed past my Angel Tree Recap.

My 4 year old son was in the room and said, “Look, Mom! There’s my kid!” About sweet Daniel who has been waiting YEARS for a family. Where is his adoptive family? They’re busy. Pray that their hearts would feel empty for him.


Here are some faces that are now home, others still waiting. Some have Now and Then images put out by the create young woman who put the collection together.

I do want to share another adoption story and lucky for me this one is local!! It’s the yet in route story of Priscilla who was born and until her preschool year raised in a Eastern European orphanage. I believe that she has been moved once or twice, and is in quite good care comparatively to other children who are without legal parents. This precious child of God is soon to join a homeschool family in the pacific northwest!

They have compiled a video of their journey to her and have some wonderful photos on their family page and on Facebook. It is my extreme pleasure to say that this family is fully funded. Just search fully funded on Reeces Rainbow and be amazed at this wonderful gift that families are getting from one way or the other. There’s commitment, passion and at the bottom desire to change the world. It matters to this one.

There are children who are extra special to my heart and this family’s daughter is one of them. Her mama, post reading this blog entry adds:

“We may or may not show up as fully funded – with the change of the second trip to 12 days in country, we were no longer fully funded, but Daryl’s parents and his brother have said they will help us if we need it, but I had already had our status changed, and if someone wants to help us out, then it will be less of a hit to them (we are projecting around a $1400 – $2000 shortfall depending on airfare). She has only been moved once, from the original orphanage to the group home. She is getting wonderful care there indeed. She was abandoned at birth and has never had any relatives visit her, ever. She spent those first 3 years hardly ever out of a crib and was fed via bottle only, laying on her back. But now they are feeding her solids and take care to not lay her down after eating so she will not aspirate and she is doing so much better!”

One of my favorite blog posts from Christy’s mama is titled: A little more about day three I realize it’s part of a series of amazing posts about their visit with their daughter in Eastern Europe. But these photos especially bring a smile for me. Precious girl, thankful parents and friends and family, brothers and sisters who look forward to this girl coming home.

Please see Connecting with Christy to learn more about this sweet daughter of the King and her redemption from an orphanage in Eastern Europe. Praising Jesus that she’s been well cared for. Living in a group home as she is now is a stride into the transition to living in a large family. Did I mention that her family is local-ish to me? She has a sister-to-be who also has Down Syndrome, that being the case, I feel absolutely certain that she will get the lovely life that she needs.
I’m specifically linking to this families adoption site as they have a record nicely placed of where their costs have gone. The money can be dizzying, it’s great when families take the extra time to record for families looking to adopt so that they can use those notes as a resource.

Feeling satisfaction, again. In sharing this story as I was privileged to share others stories yesterday and editing my site to make reading clearer so that I might reach more families.

Filling that emptiness?

Not by half, baby.

Don’t forget the Child of the Month on Reece’s Rainbow. I wrote about Izahic here.

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