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3:30 on a Saturday afternoon. What are you doing? We’re inside because of the wind and watching children’s shows on Netflix. Here’s a My Little Pony graphic that writes the attributes of Philippians 4:8 around the ponies! I never thought of Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and Applejack that way. Just goes to show ya…

Well must go to show you something.

Maybe that the Brony culture just might be an OK thing? (I DID NOT say that out loud.)

Here is more of what I thought I’d find, looking for a picture with Philippians across it.

I am feeling a heavy sleep fall over me, as if my body is ready to fold down and catch all that I missed during perhaps early mothering days of expectancy and feeding. Yesterday I really let myself fall into that cocoon that I could hardly care less what it looked like. OK. I know I looked lazy lost away somewhere in my thoughts.

the attributes of awesomeness

the attributes of awesomeness


As a little girl I’d pretend to fall asleep on the bench in the living room when the fire was crackling and people were sitting around talking or playing board games it’s fun sometimes to escape while being in the middle life.

Of course, that’s only to last a moment as I described in my entry called Hermit Mode. The verse is about being active, thinking active, being awesome.

Heard it said that you are what you eat? You are what you watch and what you read too.

Do you know what this verse does not say? It does not say that we should fill ourselves with fancy little nothings so that we never think about negative things. What we’re seeing here is admonishment to see like lovers of Jesus who concurs all sin and suffering. How can we not find means to rejoice in even the worse circumstances knowing that there is a perfect plan behind everything that happens.

The sin is limiting our spiritual sight to a hard or gloomy piece of the greater picture, which may not see peace until Heaven where there truly is no more pain…thinking of terminal illness, the orphan crisis, etc.

If you have sadness, pray about it and give your fears to Jesus. The Bible tells us that He will send a Comforter and that he will be with us.

Yesterday I got to overhear Darren being the awesome daddy that he is to our kids. They’ve done homework together, played board games, colored and built Legos. Over cooking and kitchen clean up (yes they did!) the free communication that went on was wonderful, this is where it’s at.

Building them up now before bigger stuff comes. Philippians 4:8 is about caring about what they care about. Being concerned when they’re concerned and I have to remember that! This may be why My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is sweeping everyone up: The forgotten bit of our lives, the caring and focusing on nice isn’t as big as maybe it used to be. Think upon these things.

PS: This morning I updated all of my tabs, which used to be sidebar links. They look great!

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