I can’t believe that I’m writing to say that I’ll write soon, but I am! Heh. Where has the faithful blogger in me gone? In truth, I’ve only left the house four times since we moved here. That considered, I have no real reason to have left off writing.

Darren has now connected his laptop computer to the internet thus allowing both of us to be online. We met on the internet and are still both chronic users.

Big update: Darren and I are most possibly moving to Belmont Massachusetts. Remember the traveling nurse job he had in Oregon? This is the same sort of thing. If everything comes through on time, he’ll start his new work on the 18th of October.

Big questions: What are we going to do with the house? Options: 1.) lock it up until we get back 2.) sell it and hope to move closer to church family once the Mass job is done. Big question #2: What about Heidi?? When Darren worked in Oregon Heidi lived in Washington. What about this time? We have no ideas as yet.

So there you have it, my extremely brief update. Goodnight everyone.

Oh! I said that I would mention on my blog that Darren’s brother in law replaced our windshield. He let us stay and watch (quite an interesting procedure really) Darren even got to help bash out the old one and glue in the new one. Thanks, Scott! I meant to write this in as part of Darren and my “Honey Moon Traveling Adventures” but never got around to writing that post)

6 Responses to “Lazy”

  1. Scott Murray says:

    Congradulations glad you had a good time hope things go well for you guys sounds like you got lots thinking to do.

  2. Joyce Taron says:

    Hooray about the job possibility, Darren! Boo hoo about Heidi dog needing a place to stay, though. I know you will think of something, though. Would this be a similar type of nursing job as the one in Oregon? How far is Belmont, MA from Albany, NY? Take care. ~Mom

  3. Kayla says:

    Whooo… big things, big things. What’s in MA? What would you do? Just… hang out I guess? :P I s’pose it’d be neat, but what about Heidi?


  4. Cadet says:

    Whoa! Massachusetts! That is cool. :D

    You have to do a Honeymoon Traveling Adventures post. It would be interesting. :D How’s that unpacking/organizing going?


  5. Kayla says:

    Oh, and, do you think there should be a new D&L pic for the header when you do your new “married lady” blog set-up? lol… or maybe you could just use one of the photos from the wedding, whenever those FINALLY are done.

  6. Laura says:

    Mom, it’s 160 miles. Yes, about the same kind of nursing. About Heidi, Darren talked to the lady who is in charge of setting up his assignments–she said that we could get a place for Heidi! That’s happy news.

    Yep, T, it’d be nice to have a new pic! I don’t know what I’d do in MA…maybe find work?

    Scott, yes lots of things to do. I’ve yet to get in the groove of actually wanting to be productive–after all the wedding busy-ness I’m in a kick back and do nothing slump.

    Cadet, I just might write that post!

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