Birthday Launch!

Plus Baby Bram. He’s a little guy living an Eastern European orphanage. There is no information available about which orphanage he lives in, but he is alive and needing a family. I’m praying today on my happy birthday and one week before my own daughter turns 2, that 2 is Bram’s last as an orphan.

Bram the Birthday Boy

Bram the Birthday Boy

It’s 2:16 and my gift to myself is a little time alone to sit and write while A.J naps.
My morning was relaxing with the kids before school, I tried to get through the afternoon housework to have these two hours which I’ll use to polish up my new blog and write this entry.
Over the past little while I’ve been voicing excitement over a new program called the Family Warrior Project where individuals can sign up to follow and help fundraise for families who are going through the adoption process to bring home a special needs child from overseas.

I have been anxiously awaiting Keegan‘s family reaching the New Commitments page so that I can participate in this new program with them. Their adoption will cost $25 to 30K, the length is usually around a year but in cases it is sped up quite a bit for medical reasons, or on the other hand, delayed for medical reasons.
Anything could happen, especially when we are dealing with special needs which is the situation with all of these kids.
It was a couple of mornings ago that I realized that I never really asked God if this was what I was meant to do, maybe He does want me to Family Warrior for Keegan’s family. I also see advocating for the other families, instead of isolating on one, which is the purpose of the program. I will talk further with Keegan’s adoptive mama.

At any rate, I am launching a new blog to follow the Family Warriors and needs of adopting families.

The new site is called Family Warrior Program: Everyone’s Story the blog URL is
Visit that and add it to your blogroll.

I have put in the simplest interface that I could find in an effort to focus as exclusively as I can in families stories. I will begin with highlighting children’s stories who are February birthdays as this is my daughter and my month also.

Today is my birthday actually. I’m 29. Whatever happened to 19?! I wish I knew where that picture of my twin and I was. It was a great evening, the last one together before everyone started leaving home.

Today I want to write on here about Bram from Eastern Europe. His fund went from zero to $22.50 in December when I mentioned him on the official Facebook page. There are plenty of kids of course who deserve recognition, more than ever the audience that I will reach. Let me give you as quickly as I can the reasons that I chose Bram especially to celebrate in February. Bram is the Birthday Boy! I don’t know the exact date of his birthday, but he is two this month. I don’t know if someone is getting him out of his crib with a special birthday hug on one special day this month. If I could, I’d give him a snuggle and hope for a smile. Some of these children do get visitors; perhaps he only looks so despondent because he was woken from a nap for his picture to be taken?

Please, if you know someone who could adopt a little boy like Bram do not hesitate to share him. Debbie(at)reecesrainbow(dot)org for more information on how to begin the process of bringing home this darling young man. Happy birthday, Bram baby. May this be your last alone. You’re 2!
Bram does not have a family committed to adopt him yet, his profile is found under Other Angels Boys, 0-5. Where he has a fund open for donations, ultimately 22K will fully fund an adoption for him.

As for the Launch!! It’s our first two stories will be on young children coming home from Eastern Europe and will be written shortly.

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