Honey Moon Traveling Adventures

On Tuesday (Sept. 15) we spent the day packing our stuff into a UHaul trailer which we set up to rent for ten days. That night we slept on the floor in my empty room. Sleeping in that room rid of anything that said “Laura” helped me realize that I wasn’t going to be living here anymore.

We left between 5:30 and 6 in the morning. Somehow there wasn’t anything incredibly strange about getting in the truck knowing that I wasn’t coming back to stay. That day we drove about 10 hours and stopped in Montana somewhere to spend the night. The hotel room smelled like sewage. I think that Darren, Heidi and I left around 9am.

Montana lasts forever. We drove all day. Maybe not, but it felt like all day. Hours later we reached Darren’s sister’s place. Thanks, Roxanne, for your great hospitality! Thanks too for taking us to the drive in. I’ve never been to a drive in movie so that was fun for me despite the very scariness of the movie! After a fun trip in Billings we hit the road again.

Next stop: Jamestown North Dakota. Darren, Heidi and I stayed with Darren’s parents for a few days. It was fun! Darren showed me around his old stomping grounds. We also went out with Darren’s parents to have an official Jamestown tour. I got my picture taken with the world’s biggest cow and the world’s biggest buffalo. Nice, huh? We had a reception as well. I got to meet Darren’s family which was cool. It was pretty groovy to find out that my blog is read by people that I’ve never met before!! As I mentioned in my last post, Scott replaced our windshield. That was cool! Within a few hours of driving it was well broken in. By this I mean that it wasn’t clear as air–completely covered in dead bugs and other icky stuff. The truck has yet to be washed!

From there we drove 30 hours. Darren said that we’d stop at 2 o’clock to get a hotel and sleep. I think that we made better time than Darren thought that we would because we were into New York and to his place by 1:30. Pretty crazy, huh?

And that’s that. We’ve had one Sunday with the New Yorkers. That was good. This coming Sunday is fellowship meal. Darren’s been giving lots of thought to what we should bring. As I mentioned, the stove and cook top doesn’t work so the options of meal are extremely limited. I’m sure other people will bring yummy things.

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  1. Cadet says:

    Thank ya for posting it. :D Sounds like fun, but a lot of driving. :P

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