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10557639_10155786309115425_2421232669052128303_oOften I end up leaving my camera at home when we head out to the park, pretty much because there’s so much of an opportunity for it to get wrecked! Abegayle is going on to be a preschooler soon, which means there’s no one getting stuffed in the stroller. I’ve been pushing a stroller for 9 years, and came to take for granted all the room that I had for stowing stuff like cameras. Anyway, I hope to get in the habit of carrying it along to capture the kids having their run around fun. We try to get out every night for the park that’s just down the block where they can run around and swing a bit to get rid of that last bit of energy before bedtime which will become increasingly important as school truly is coming up quickly.

Here’s yesterday evening. When I just had my three youngest with.










This has probably been the hottest summer my kids can remember being through, so we haven’t been out as much as we have in past seasons. Instead of a 4pm visit and being home for supper prep, we go at 8 after dinner and movie time and come home at 9 for jammies and bedtime!

Who remembers seeing pictures of these three in my triple stroller not so long ago? Diederick on his little bike with training wheels by my side and everyone with a snuggly blanket to hold as we went on our short trip to the park. How quickly those days went by. I can’t find it right now, but I did find this picture: 1375985_10153435362440425_2145475321_n Aren’t our front shrubs gorgeous? I can’t wait to take this picture again this year! I wont be able to use AJ as a measurement on how much the bushes are grown, because just look at how small she was just last Autumn.
Our summer has just gone by so quickly. We went to North Dakota and back by van, which seemed to be the longest drive ever (aside from driving from Vermont to WA!!) but it really was one of our very best visits and deserves a good long blog post.

School starts September 8th, the day after Labor Day. We have open house on August 31st to meet the children’s new teachers and have a bit of time of socializing and opportunity for the kids to familiarize themselves with their 2015/16 classrooms.
We’ve already been shopping for new backpacks, lunchboxes and supplies, waiting to hit the clothing still but we’ll be there! I could say it over and over: I cannot believe I’m going to have three at the elementary school, and just one at preschool. What?! Baby days end?! They do. And that’s OK.
There are so very many adventures left to have. Stories to tell, memories to make and life to cherish.


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