Morning Routine

1b5858aafb134f51187039f15ef9a552I’ve started a new habit over this week. Having my cup of coffee not on the go, rushing to finish tasks left undone the night before, challenging myself to put away a load of laundry before the children are awake, or even taking the caffeine into the bathroom as I apply my make up for the morning.

It’s count down time to school and certainly I can see those things returning. But the plan truly is to get lunches made the night before and clothes for the children’s day at school set apart and ready to go, especially on the days that I volunteer, which this year are going to be one morning and one full day within every one of the five days of school all year long.

The pace of life with pick up soon, but in the small pause that I now happily rest. Every day I have to take a nap to combat the head aches I’ve battled all summer, and sometimes wake with one, however that does not need to keep me from enjoying a morning coffee.

So let me tell you how I’ve been switching it up. Instead of that drink on the go, I sit down in my office at the computer and type out either a personal note to a friend, a Facebook entry, or a blog post. Sometimes I research a topic of interest through articles online or YouTube videos, all while listening to the radio on my local station. It’s a wonderful way to start off.
995fcf16d1b7793ca15af3c3996ee326The door always remains open so that I can hear any early risers coming out of their bedrooms and get up to give them breakfast of their request–comb their hair, change into day time clothes and sometimes even turn on a movie out in the kitchen.

There’s one thing about my routine.
I spend it thinking of a good friend, favorite memories, dreams to be realized. That’s the best way to move through reality, knowing there is kindness and even love in a world smudged by stains of bad choices and dark days.
Smile, it’s the best way to begin as you take that last sip of coffee and move on.

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