Life According to Cath

Filing through old photos I came across this video. It’s my oldest telling some sort of story about her older brother, filmed by her little brother, they proceed to find him upstairs in the incredibly messy play room that shortly was converted into an office for me.

This is just such a tiny itty bit piece of what she goes through every day. All of her choices are creative efforts with the mere goal of making life just a little more magical.

She’s a great kid, and I’m super thankful to be blessed to be her mother.

….uh oh….the camera man just got kicked in the shin. dang!! well…I feel like I should go apologize to him for not getting mad at Deeder for that even though it was months ago now…

More pictures of my dear daughter, being a little mama.
She just loves holding babies, rocking them and whispering sweet things about their tiny hands and growing up.

Cath enjoys putting toys in babies faces and helping them look at stories when they’re older…until of course when those babies start fussing, in which case she just calls for the real mama and moves on as soon as she’s rescued!

Have I mentioned she gives pretty good hugs? It’s true!

morning snuggle!

morning snuggle!

Never is a mood bad enough or a pain deep enough that a hug from my daughter cannot easy that hurt. She can bring a smile and just be such a kind presence. She has her own challenges, but when anyone she loves needs some tenderness, she’s there. Every morning I get a tight hug around whatever part of me is closest to her arms reach.

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