Rocky Beaches of Seattle

What a clear beautiful day to go for a visit to Seattle. No sandy beaches here!

We have rocks and plenty of them, even in man made waterbanks. This is a park just off a busy street, and next to a restaurant.

We met plenty of people out walking their dogs and just enjoying conversation amongst friends and families enjoying time together at the end of a busy day.

Then there’s this video:

She’s not a fantastic listener, but I still want to keep the video. This is sort of our relationship, I ask her and suggest that she do different things rather than slamming yes and no orders down.

A choice which I may come to regret, but it’s hard to know with her having such limited speech at this point. Really though, she starts out pretty well. I ask if she’ll show me how she gets down and she begins that process. This girlie is 3 1/2.

I was thankful to have the camera along to capture a few point and shoot moments on the go with my hubby and four little monsters who are always moving.

There’s hardly such a thing as posing for the camera. Happy to be able to share these pictures through my blog where they’ll be for safe keeping as that’s where I tend to go when fishing up moments that I know I’ve captured but can not seem to remember the day or year–if it’s happened and it meant a lot to me, it’s here.

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