Mama Moose

That day has come. My kids are growing up. I know I’ve been saying that since the moment they were born. But it’s true, their tall wobbly legs are getting stronger, their adventurous spirits a little more self guided, their times away from me come in larger spans. My den is less full of their scent and more organized than it’s been in days come before. My head and heart have so much to say, so many plans for the future and visions of the past…not that I could take back, but that I wish up again in my memory.

When they come home from their busy days at school they have papers and projects to show off and ask me to hang up and catalog away. It’s terrific that they like having me come to see where they learn and participate in their time at school once a week to see what they do all day, a piece out of their five days a week.
Tomorrow basketball starts for my youngest boy. His daddy’ll take him bright and early for that. I’ll hope for pictures that I can post on Facebook to share the pride in this new chapter of sweet Willie’s life!

2015-11-06 16.36.00Here he is smiling big with a new set of plastic animal figures gifted by my mom for birthday #6 last week. My precious son is growing up so fast, and this mama moose feels like she’s missing out…despite being right here.
Blog posts will start happening daily again. I’m going to live each day as a day that I’d be OK with being my last. Today I appreciate each person who smiled their way into this home. From my husband bringing AJ to speech therapy at 9am to my dad and sister bringing belated birthday gifts over for Willie. The big kids all came home with stories on a good busy week, and I just thank God for the chance I have to be here, to be happy and to make home a passionate place, not perfect, but maybe something worth rejoicing over and remembering.

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