Self Talk

Today I thought about internal voices. Does that inside voice echo the disapproval or applause of others, accumulated over time? Life’s certainly easiest when everyone lives at bay of contentment–when conversation comes easily, when smiles are natural and hurt is not present. When your ebb is my flow, when two is a tango. Laughs that are genuine when hearts are full and goals are strong and simple. Balance is beautiful.

Research shows that people who have strong beliefs of an afterlife and hold to moral guidelines that they believe written by a higher power are more likely to survive cancer in perspective against those who believe they are free agents in a world where everything is just a collection of unrelated mortal circumstance.

f41b4a292d2d11a2c82ccf3cde07c69cMy children squabble and argue just like anyone else’s. Each wants their story to be the one that Mom lends most credibility to, and at the end of it, there is no consistency other than where everyone was.

They operate at the level of emotions and perception that humanity handed them at birth; each essentially living their own reality–my job is to link them up with the idea that God sees everything and that no matter what the stories that they tell Mom, He sees everything. They’ll either accept or reject those ideas. When we talk about Heaven they all know that they want a world without pain and hate, a world without hunger and sadness. Who wouldn’t? There grows their inner voice. I teach them that heaven is about loving the Lord–that our chief joy will be to be in his presence and to praise Him. That’s my belief–it’s my hope, the promise I cling to, my dream and, well…the reward of my undeserved salvation. I can get lost in stories of how I’ll meet the baby who died in my womb. My job is to center myself in today, taking the time to speak the words that will help build my kids to be better tomorrow through kindness, through calmness and with love. I want to voice appreciation for them, daily.

Those thoughts can carry me higher than anyone’s disappointments in me here. When my days become still and my heart lonesome in quiet times, my joy is in the Lord. Loving the Lord, seeking to follow his commands and forgiving myself when I fail is all my self talk because I cling to God’s promises in the Bible. My biggest goal as a parent is to create a pleasant voice for my children.
I want them to find promises of peace as I have chosen to follow and fill their heads with those. I want them to shun doubt and take on a spirit of willingness to accept challenges.

I want them to take courage to be great through Christ. Self talk? Hell yes.

It’s time to get to passion of appreciation. Time to pump up the voices of encouragement, breath deep, get healthier, and stronger not through stress for survival but strong built on realization of acceptance and forgiveness through Christ. It’s time for smiles and for moving forward for all life is worth. Lets build some beautiful minds. Lets encourage everyone and anyone to smile and take hold on ever lasting happiness. Time to celebrate.

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