Mirror, Mirror

2015-11-10 15.24.47We never see ourselves the way others do, it’s the flop of what the public and friends see–as the reflection in the mirror is an exact reversal. That’s something that our minds are naturally adapted to, in fact it’s only obvious when an effort is made to read something through the mirror and the text is entirely backwards. What a fun brain twister that is for a child, maybe the phenomenon even brings a smile to an adults face as well.

Anyway! I was just thinking it’d be fun to challenge myself to put a few vlogs up once in a while again. The last time I tried, part of what I talked about in one entry was the challenges of potty training my little girl…who is now a second grader! Needless to say, it’s been a while. My video clips are usually a capture of the children’s activities, with my voice caught behind the in camera microphone. When I’m in front, I get so shy that I lose what I wanted to say and just grin and perhaps say something totally off where I meant to be. Sort of being stranger in a place familiar. Vlogging is video blogging. When I write I’m silent behind the keyboard. Sometimes my lips move without words coming out; I smile, sometimes I cry, and others I really just look up and try to bring back to mind what I had decided would be an amazing piece 7 hours ago when I was in the middle of a project I just couldn’t put down. The first time I had vlogging on the To Try list I had three little kids crawling all over me, the oldest being the same age as my current youngest. I’m in the same house, just older with older kids.

To avoid bashfulness I’ll hold notes? What’d be an easy subject to start with…?
Oh the days when I had readers. Readers that would comment in the comment line! If they were still here, what would they say…It’s probably better to be without, maybe that absence will cut down on my personal uncertainty.

Pictured! Me. 3 months away from turning 31. No makeup, no hair straightener efforts. Just a comfy sweater and my jeans that get better with age, both that I’ve had for years, especially the sweater which I bought fall of 2004, that’s while ago now! It’s followed me through a lot of moves and stages.

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