More time?

281930a898df662ce55ca85818f367ffWith 3 of my children in school full time I thought I’d have more of a space in my life for writing, but the truth is I haven’t become more organized in a way that I launch out from Save Draft to Publish as much writing as I’d like. Truth: I’d rather keep to myself than inaccurately represent what’s going on for me as over the years I’ve discovered that my thoughts can matter and work against me. I thought I’d have more time, and will once I get myself more sorted out. I have come to clear out my house, get to keeping my body in better physical shape…those are pieces of my personal puzzle that matter in the short and long term. It’s a blessing to be here, to whatever level I am.

In the past I’ve left my blog untouched for months at a time and come back to say that it’s been on my thoughts daily, and that’s truth. I’ve gone whole pregnancies before without getting a moment to log in. Chief importance: Living life for God’s glory and being there for family, really and wholely.

Today is early out from school, which is in one hour, and later, speech therapy for AJ. I have been getting a lot of blog hits from California. I hope you’re my sister…I’m so excited to see you, and hope we’ll spend time together this year on your upcoming visit…I miss you and felt sorry last year that we didn’t seize that chance. Thanks, to anyone, who is here, I appreciate everyone, whoever you are out there. I would love suggestions on writing.

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