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   May 09

Dizzy and busy

I got snooze three times which had me up and shuffling around at 6:20.My head was pounding, a throbbing pressure I haven’t felt in two years. Having learned how to handle this, I went right to the cupboard and took my two tabs of Lamictal, a couple Excedrin. Swallowing those I looked around a bit and grabbed a few vitamins and chugged those down as well. As I got the coffee all set to brew I decided that if I didn’t feel better by the time being I had the kids out to the bus I’d skip today on my fasting schedule which I do every other day. 8:40–boys fed, dressed and at the bus stop. 8:55–riding bike with 5 year old Abegayle. Not cars wanted to stop for us to cross while the road looked more like a fast moving stream than a two way paved busy road. We made it into the building, hopefully I didn’t look drunk. On my ride home I still couldn’t really see straight and had a low ringing sound echoing through my head.

9:55, my vision is clear enough to write this post on my phone. While trying to park in my driveway I got the stone border that edges my corner flowerbed.

I don’t really know what compelled me to blog these details of my morning out, but I’m glad I did. Maybe time for a couple cups of coffee then a shower.

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