School starting is like new years for me. Endless possibilities, and a time to write down ambitions. This year is big for me since all my children will be gone Monday through Friday seven hours a day.

Goals: Get my drivers license.
Organize my house
Finish with my weight loss, 12lbs to go…
Get my family eating healthy meals together every night
Send bagged lunches every day!
Have kids reading and doing homework, to bed on time!
Everyone get 3s

My. kids. fight. constantly.

What I’d like to do. Get a job, make money, come home in time for them to arrive home, and have dinner ready, somehow manage to also have the house organized and the homework done seamlessly.

What I will do: Stay on the sub list for the district, pick up as many shifts as I can, and volunteer for the kids teachers every week. I’ll also do newsletter for the whole school to have out every Monday.

My fear: The year will slide by with my house remaining at the level of organization that it is, which really isn’t terrible.

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