At Zero

When your stat report says that there have been no visits for weeks I feel that I’m alone with my privacy. It’s been 12 years now, and forever counting I hope, that this blog sits available for anyone to look at should they remember that I’m here, and even better, for me should I ever need to type and remember that every day lived is a chance to be whoever I need to be just that once that I can’t take back. When no one’s visiting my blog I’m that much more free to say and think whatever is on my heart.

Another Monday, another load of dishes to put away and clean load of laundry to fold and put away in drawers and on hangers ready for whomever may need them–all that changes is the now absence of baby clothes, the increased number of breakable dishes as the children grow up and no longer need plastic bowls and sippy cups. No more load of cloth diapers to watch, or board books on the shelves–next year the house will be empty for 6 hrs out of the day, as everyone will be in school which I assume will mean that the kitchen will be clean and it’ll be quiet as nap time all those years back when it was just Deeder and I.

My baby boy is gaining in height, only a matter of no doubt fleeting time he’ll catch up to my 5ft8 stature and I’ll wonder how time passed by so quickly! Ten years and my youngest will be 15, that’s crazy. Further while I have only to look in the mirror to realize, I’m growing up. HAH!

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