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Long gone are the days when I wrote daily. Or the times that I came home to parsley.com to write about the birthdays, the anniversaries and the small details that make life worth waking up to. However, it is November, which is national blog every day month. So! I’m going for it.

The two biggest things I’ve missed writing about are my 12th wedding anniversary and Koen William turning 8. Our anniversary was September 10th, this year on a Sunday. We literally had no unsupervised time together…the morning was our usual rush to get to church, then when we arrived home my sister’s van was parked in the driveway. She was already digging into our food and had all the kids toys scattered around for her children. Darren had to shower and get going for his evening shift and didn’t get home til midnight.

Koen turned 8 last Friday. All the pictures are on Darrens phone. We had pumpkin pie, and were super successful in gift picks. Turning 8 for Koenig meant a new skateboard, a RC Jeep, pajamas and two card games from Grandma, a storybook and plush Scottish terrier from me, a day in Vancouver and hockey game with Darren and donuts at school with his second grade class.

Also, since I last wrote, my mom was diagnosed with and beat cancer. Praise the Lord for early detection of what could have cost my mom her life.

So the journey continues.

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