Early Sunkisses

It’s not June yet so I have not purchased sunscreen. The mornings are still chilly enough to send the kids to school in sweatshirts.
As you can see though in this picture, we do have sunshine! I took this photo last Saturday when I temp rose to 75F–while the day was mostly overcast AJ and I did manage to aquire a bit of extra deep pink across our noses and cheeks. I really do think we look kind of cute!

Per our usual summer traditions of recent years, we plan a trip to visit Darren’s family in the midwest. Out there the sun is nearly never covered by clouds, I think the ever whirling winds across the wide open plains take care of that. I always look super shitty in outdoors pictures when we’re there, but it’s all worth it for the smiles on Darren’s face. I enjoy seeing him enjoy the farm environment that he feels he grew up with. The initial sunburns here in WA are always a reminder to me that our big trip is upcoming! It’s not a fun proposition, but when I think of all the sacrifices he’s made for us I’m 100% ready to jump in. So here we come, sunkissed days! We’re smiling and so ready for you.

Count down is on for school being out of session.

If I had alcohol to raise a cheer to, I would say, “Here’s to a happy and safe summer in which we do not drive each other mad!”

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