The Author

485530_10152937575385425_180376587_nIt’s been over ten years since the day I opened this blog. I type with the same two hands that I started, but with a head and heart that have been filled with all sorts of information–hurts, health, blessing, bliss, disappointment, change and memory.

Actually, it’s been 31 years almost, since the real beginning.

My aim: To capture moments, to plop in Bible verses and to pull myself up again and smile no matter what. That’s what’s with the Bible verse at the top of this “The Author” page: A recent abundantly clear fact is that peace is essential to survival…I try!

Each post has it’s own flavor; depending on the time in which I wrote and how much time I gave myself to write. Sometimes I go months between entries, sometimes I’m faithful to being here daily. There’s usually a sitemeter so that I can come to see if I’ve had visitors. While wishing I could live however I want, I like company.

Please reach me at if you have questions or comments about anything. Better yet, if you have my phone number, give me a call. I’m never too busy to chat, and with life as full as it becomes there’s never knowing when today could be the last chance that ever there is.

My new favorite: living today. I guess I have always liked that. I’m OK with being exhausted, OK with having loads of energy and thrilled when I take greatest advantage of the time that I have to be with those I love. I guess if you’re here you’re OK with reading about the in between and with the bumps and bends that I bring forward in my writing.

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