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Hello! I am Oraeley. And this, is life according to laura. I’ve written so many Introductions from a “sorry not sorry” for having so much talk about babies. To being a total feminist…many of those posts I’ve been told to take down, and though I did so begrudgingly, I did enjoy writing them and sometimes that memory of the satisfaction I felt typing outweighs how upset I was to submit to reproval.

Anyway! Currently, I’m 33 years old. I have four beautiful children, and an amazing husband. We live in Washington state. My two oldest were born on the East Coast, and the two youngest were born here on the west coast. We used to joke that we’d move to the midwest and adopt two, you know, to make it a balanced experience. Another fun fact is that we have one child per season, and Darren and I each have a birthday a week from our own…pretty cool!

More about me: I graduated from Whatcom Community College in winter of 2004, and shortly thereafter married Darren (Sept 2005). We talk sometimes about what I’d do if I went back to college. At the time I was split between journalism and social work. My degree is in Early Childhood Education. We talk in recent years about establishing a business together related to what I originally intended to do, which was daycare at management level.

Aside from being a mom, I work as a substitute in our local public school district. The ages I’m usually with rage from high school all the way down to babies. I’m two years into this occupation and love it! My favorite job placement is with teenagers which is interesting because initially I thought that I would feel intimidated since I never experienced public education at that age.

So this is me. Welcome to my zone! I love writing. My subject is my family, and my interests.

Despite the unlikelihood of it ever happening for me, adoption is a passion that I speak of here and there. International adoption especially. It’s been a point of contention between us, always landing on, “lets raise the kids that we already have first” which pacifies me.

What I intend here is every day writing–each post with a link to scripture or a favorite poet, and at least one photo from life.

There are sometimes months between posts, if you take the time to look through my archives. That hasn’t been for lack of thinking of rather in all honesty, memories that I felt logging onto the admin page that held me from reaching beyond to “Add new” under the Post tab. If I did get there, my hands just wouldn’t find the strength to bring the words in my heart to the paper. I’m in a very good place emotionally, and just ready to rock blogging again. So, if you’re here, please stay.

Thanks to clustrmaps, I’ll be seeing you…or at least where you’re from. Please comment or drop me an email at

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