The Family

Introductions! The kids: Deeder, Cath, Willie, AJ. The dad: Darren.

Deeder: The Boy Who Launched Motherhood for Me
DSCN0874He’s now in the 3rd grade; keeping active especially enjoying math. When I look at him I still see the little man featured in such detail in my earlier posts. This young man is helpful, kind and considerate of others.

Thanksgiving 2015 I realize that it was ten years ago that I announced at a table in Vermont to a family not biologically mine that I was expecting. They all clapped and came around me with hugs of congratulation. People I haven’t seen in almost seven years. I think while there’s sadness in that, it’s good too to have memories. Deeder gave me an incredible gift, he send me into the amazing journey of motherhood, the best adventure yet.

Cath: Second in line & Self Proclaimed Winner

Cath is precocious and charming; this seven year old tells it as she sees it, for better or for worse she has little to no filter on what she says. This is a girl who will stand up for herself and whatever is important to her. She lets her needs be known and doesn’t hold back. She’s sweet or she’s sassy, she’s my temper tester and just the girl I’ve always needed, she and I just go together as a team that really will always rock back and forth to create a crazy balance. We tell Cath that she’s not competing against her brothers and classmates, the most profitable race is the race against yourself. A path to true growth is growing from experience to be a stronger more honest, more reliable and lover of all things real, the true best is genuine goodness which can be gained and given. Cath is a one of a kind gem, my daughter and comfort after loss. She’s always with me to grow and become stronger. I’m truly blessed.

Willie: 2nd Son and Mommy’s Cuddle Bug
Willie's first day!

He’s a little lover. Darren and I always say we have to really think to remember his early days because he was born in such a busy time. 17 months younger than sister Cath, actually I got pregnant when we were living at my parents in short space of time between arriving from our cross country drive from Vermont to Washington. Willie has a spirit that can make anyone smile. He’s a Kindergartener this year (2015/16) and I’m just so proud of how well he’s doing, both socially and in forming his beginning memorization of numbers and the alphabet. He is in basketball camp and talks often of his friends. When I volunteer at school I love watching him participate with his smile during class time and lunch and bouncy step through the hall on the way to PE and lunch. He has grown up quickly, and such a handsome happy young man he is.

A.J: The House Princess
focus factor

AJ’s three months off from turning 4. Every child has their born in talents, virtues and shortcomings; all those come together to be their life journey. For AJ it’s footsteps towards speech. She’s currently a matter of weeks into gaining words. It’s true. I initially thought she’d be an earlier talker than the others, saying “Hi” clearly well before her 1st birthday soon followed by “Mama” months stretched into years and nothing came further beyond that. She added “bye” and could give hugs, high fives and kisses, and impeccably follow chore related instructions. She’s always laughed at appropriate points when being read to and enjoyed simple games with her siblings, in fact age mates really don’t notice her lack of speech as they over compensate in their own chatter. Anyway, thanks to wonderful therapists AJ is talking, bit by bit and good golly is she proud. Thank you, Jesus. We love her so much and look forward so much to her gaining her voice in full and are doing everything we can to help her along the way–learning all the signs that the therapists are introducing her to and doing all the exercises that they can give us to help her bring out what she’s thinking into audible language.

My Man: Darren.
2015-10-17 15.09.16He waited half a lifetime for me, in fact I wasn’t born until he was 17. Sometimes I fail to appreciate the incredible blessing our even crossing paths was. God’s continued to preserve us through the sickness and health of marriage. Frig I can’t be easy to live with. This man provides for our family and comes home to me every night. Watching him with the kids gives me such sadness and joy. This year we commemorated ten years of marriage, I blogged about that here. Every day is a new day, every month and every year a new marker in our story.

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