Patience pays off!

May 24th, 2018

I’ve had a conundrum. Now that cellphones are everything, I no longer have my big camera in hand. The last camera I bought, or rather received as a birthday gift from Darren, was oh..maybe just before AJ was born?! It cost $500. I’d go through batteries like razor blades. Honestly. Now there are phones, and while I’ve never bought a very expensive one the photo quality is equal to what I got on cameras and obviously has a lot more than just the ability to take pictures.

So, what I’m I even talking about. To the point, my blog’s admin page is not mobile friendly which means if I want to use pictures I’ve taken on my phone in posts here I am going to be emailing them to myself which will be really annoying as I really have very little patience.

What I’m going to do! Either start carrying my camera around again, and download pictures onto my computer, or email photos to myself. haha! Either way, time to start publishing a few posts!! My reason to write is the same as it’s always been: Hold on to family memories and thoughts! When tomorrow’s gone, it’s gone…unless I write about it. ;)

Better idea! I’ll buy a laptop, and slim digital cam and go back to being an amazing blogger. YES!

Big upcoming event: Annual trip to North Dakota.

Early Sunkisses

May 19th, 2018

It’s not June yet so I have not purchased sunscreen. The mornings are still chilly enough to send the kids to school in sweatshirts.
As you can see though in this picture, we do have sunshine! I took this photo last Saturday when I temp rose to 75F–while the day was mostly overcast AJ and I did manage to aquire a bit of extra deep pink across our noses and cheeks. I really do think we look kind of cute!

Per our usual summer traditions of recent years, we plan a trip to visit Darren’s family in the midwest. Out there the sun is nearly never covered by clouds, I think the ever whirling winds across the wide open plains take care of that. I always look super shitty in outdoors pictures when we’re there, but it’s all worth it for the smiles on Darren’s face. I enjoy seeing him enjoy the farm environment that he feels he grew up with. The initial sunburns here in WA are always a reminder to me that our big trip is upcoming! It’s not a fun proposition, but when I think of all the sacrifices he’s made for us I’m 100% ready to jump in. So here we come, sunkissed days! We’re smiling and so ready for you.

Count down is on for school being out of session.

If I had alcohol to raise a cheer to, I would say, “Here’s to a happy and safe summer in which we do not drive each other mad!”

Happy 50th birthday, babe!

May 16th, 2018

Happy birthday to my man! We’re still going strong, and while I believe the shirts we bought for you and the cards the kids drew are awesome…I really believe the gifts that are the best of all are the ones that we made together. I hope that you’d agree, and that your year is amazing, baby!!

I love you forever, and no matter what happens I want to be by yourself forever.

Thank you for always being such a provider and guidance for me and for your patience with me over the days, months and years that we’ve had so far.

We have so many more adventures to take, and plenty more laughs as our love grows stronger every day.

Happy 50th, and to many more.

I love you as much today as ever I have.

Don’t Stop

May 15th, 2018

I wrote a post September 3rd, 2005 that I’d like this to be a Part 2 for. My heart is broken, but not as broken as it could be, looking at that post because while it’s all true, I feel uncomfortable to one of the people who agreed with me is dead–his life was cut tragically short four years ago. Today I want to talk about how the same subject and how what I said then is timelessly the fact of today.
Calendar pages have flown by, I’ve had fears and buried them so many times, and guess what…I’m still going strong. My relationship with my husband is still alive, and I’m so ready to watch more calendar pages turn and more years to fold together continuing on our story.

When I got married, well, long before I got married or was ever loved by Darren, I wanted to be the Proverbs 31 woman. Over the years I’ve realized that I’m not to be excellent in the order of these verses, I’m to be what he wants me to be. I need to never change in a way that’s unpleasing to him, and if I can do that I can remain where I need to be. What I do want is for him to smile and laugh more, as he used to. I’ve become many things, as I always hoped to be, but second to a child of God I’m the wife of Darren and that’s what I always want to be. Wherever he is, I want to be, and while cliche, I’ll say it–He feels like home.

One of the reasons why I wanted to do a Part 2 of Take It Slow is that Darren turns 50 in two days. While some days have been hard, there have been more cheerful busy days that tears. He’s become such a wonderful father, which actually he was from Day One of our first child coming home from the hospital. He knows how blessed we are to have four gorgeous kids, the youngest of whom wasn’t even talking a couple years ago and is now learning to read.

Darren and I came together on social media before social media was a thing. It was a conversation after 1am in a yahoo chatroom that we first came into conversation, reading it we sound the same in humor as we would today. Of course I have to put a link in for that as well…First Chat.
And from the time that we decided to be a couple, every conversation involved at least a small segment of mutually expressed concern about our age difference. We both agreed that as we got older the age gap, interestingly though what happened is that life became so busy that age never had a chance to matter.

We also came together over religion. Without being part of the religious group we were in, we never would have met. When that small church unit crumbled I worried that my marriage would also fall away, thankfully though God had (and still does) His hand working in our relationship and we became even stronger than what had brought us together which is awesome. Our Christian belief system is still central to everything we do, while we’ll tell you we don’t operate perfectly, as nothing is possibly perfect on earth, there are quite particular things that we cling to: keeping the Lords Day holy, not celebrating Christmas, and singing only Psalms in church. I feel myself fading on the last of those three, but because it means so much to Darren, my mouth never opens in song to anything that isn’t a Psalm.

My husband is a nurse, and here and there I get to hear stories of how much he meant to people in his care. That makes me so proud and thankful that I was where I was at just the right time for us to become an us at all. The kids and I irritate him sometimes, ok, it feels like a lot lately, but at the heart of it, we just want to see him smile. As I’m thinking about Darren and all he means to me, I’ve again brought up Thirteen Things about Darren written in 2008.

For his 50th birthday he’d just like to spend the day with me. No one wants to watch the kids for long though, so it may be like many other years. Actually, before I complain about no one wanting to watch the kids, I had better confess that we’re both working on his actual birthday–I’m working from 7:30 til 2:30 at the high school, and he does night shift that day which means we’ll only see each other between 3 and 9pm, which is better than nothing but far from how things used to be.


May 14th, 2018

I’ve decided I’ll come back. :)

Yes, really. No apologies for being gone so long, just daily writings again.

To begin with: Updating the About Us pages. Everything’s written probably around 2015. While the people remain the same who are the subjects of my writings are the same, we’ve grown up so much.

Today is Monday, May 14th. It’s a special week, because this Thursday my man of nearing 13 years turns 50. Later in May my sweet Carly will be 10 years old. If my memory serves me correctly, May is also the month that my partner for life proposed.

I used to say that life would fly by, that I’d look back and wonder where the time went…it’s that time now. The kids are getting so tall, my youngest is learning to read already.